As pacman your job is to eat all the ghosts using your best chess moves.  Make sure they don't eat you first tho.

The BLUE GHOST is a Bishop pawn,

The PINK GHOST is a Queen pawn,

The RED GHOST is a Rook pawn and

The ORANGE GHOST is a Knight pawn.

The yellow cubes switch your moveset to one of the above at random.

Known bugs:

- If you start the game and don't see any red squares, press CTRL + R to restart.

- If you're a knight and you step over a powerup, you won't pickup the powerup.

(This game was made for the 8 bits to infinity game jam, unfortunately I started too late, so some bugs persist.)


Download 24 MB


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Neat. Chess, the game for which (almost) all other games derive!

It's difficult to tell what moves are going to end the game, without knowing how the ghosts move. Perhaps, hovering over a cell can show where the ghosts will move. Maybe only allow them to move the same number of squares as Pacman's move.


Yeah, something I considered when developing the game was, to give the ghosts the exact same moves as pacman himself, but since the ghosts in the real pacman each have a different AI, I thought it would be a nice homage to the game to give my ghosts each a different moveset. But that's something I would've liked to iterate more over during the game jam. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for this jam. I also don't really like the fact that the power ups give you a random different moveset, would involve a bit more strategy if you could see beforehand what the power up would give you. Perhaps if I find the time I'll update the game and make some changes. If you have anything else you'd like to see changed, just let me know. 


Cool game, there are some little game like gost can go in the same location, but very cool.

I have make a game for this jam :